About Baby Touch Store

Safe clothing by Baby Touch (OR) What is safe clothing for babies?

Babies have sensitive skins that need extra care and attention. Most parents know this when they’re looking at baby food or skincare products but what about clothes? Making safe clothing for babies that is gentle on their skin means using natural fibres, zero chemical processing and undergoing stringent quality and durability tests. At Baby Touch, all of this is done to give your babies no reason for discomfort. Our biggest goal is to see wider smiles on both the parent’s and baby’s face.


Putting our trust in cotton

We use only 100% cotton in all Baby Touch garments. We prefer cotton because it’s natural, odour-free and easy to maintain. As a soft and breathable fabric, it is comfortable to wear throughout the day and especially at night. It is also hypoallergenic and devoid of harmful chemicals.


Committed to safety and quality

From picking the right yarn to the finished, packed product, every care is taken to follow globally established practices that ensure the highest standards of safety and quality in making Baby Touch clothes for babies. Our ISO Certified - 9001-2015 production process helps us achieve this.


Tried and tested for healthier babies

We use qualified labs to put every garment through a vigorous series of tests. The lead and phthalates test looks for the use of azo, carcinogenic or allergenic dyes, extractable heavy metals, phthalates and formaldehyde - usually found in fabric dyes, trim finishes, and surface prints and all harmful on sensitive baby skin.


Baby Touch clothes undergo a pull test to ensure that details like buttons and bows are securely fastened making it difficult for babies to pull them out and turn them into a choking hazard.


We also use flammability and sleepwear flammability test to ensure complete safety. Through fitted sleepwear using stronger and non-fuzzy fabrics without pile, we offer a safer experience for little ones, leaving nothing to chance.


Safe clothing that’s affordable

Our range of comfortable clothing options are available in trendy colours, prints and designs that are economical without compromising on quality and safety


About Baby Touch

Our journey started in 1995 when we noticed the lack of high quality, safe and economical options in baby wear segment in the market. Baby Touch was started with the goal of addressing this need. Till recently, we exclusively focused on successfully reaching our audience through on-ground retail operations. Starting 2022, we have decided to make it even easier for parents to easily access our safe baby wear digitally. In all that we do, we aim to address the need for trendy, comfortable and safe clothing for babies. Our biggest motivation? Making clothes that make babies and parents smile.